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How to write a scientific paper? Online scientific writing workshop

Casa d’Estudis El Pont is an education center located in the city of Villajoyosa (Alicante), in Spain. This teaching institution is a partner of The Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists (FEBiotec).

Through their Virtual Classroom they bring Science Writing Education programs to the whole world.

Their Virtual Classroom is built on Electa-Live’s online training and teaching software, which allows the remote interaction of teachers and students as in a physical classroom. In the Virtual Classroom students and teachers communicate in real time, interact with presentations, documents, and other teaching-support materials, using a virtual Whiteboard and other online collaboration tools.

Knowing basic grammar rules and using narrative strategies fitted for the English language is essential for writing precise, correct, and true scientific papers. Well-written scientific papers contain a core message that is hard to miss. Well-written papers make the science available to readers from a variety of scientific disciplines, which aids in the dissemination of research and increases citation numbers.

The acquisition of science writing skills in English has become a need for any student wishing to pursue an academic career or wishing to gain international projection.

In their science writing workshops they provide the tools and techniques for students to write crystal-clear scientific research papers in the English language.

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