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Learning Biotech

Biotech Lifelong Learning Network, an international training platform specialized in Biotechnology

Biotech Lifelong Learning Network (BLLN) is a common initiative between the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists (FEBiotec) and the Italian National Association of Biotechnologists (ANBI) to promote the organization of specialized training courses, affordable and of high-quality, aimed to biotechnologists and other life-sciences professionals. BLLN was established in 2012 with the aim of supporting the progression of adults and young people onto  higher level vocational and professional skills, promote the recycling of professionals who might wish to reorientate their careers, as well as complement the training of scientists with those aspects that are not covered in science education programmes. Since then, it has hosted courses of different thematics both in Spain and in Italy, covering form experimental techniques up till the economic applications of Biotechnology, always with the criteria of quality and accessibility of the courses as the main objective.

BLLN, because of the uniqueness of its approach and orientation, is a great opportunity for the collaboration of educational organizations in a transversal and international projects, in contact with the associations which promote the initiative and with the attendants of the training programmes, with the common objectice if achieving an improvement in the training and professional perspectves of Biotechnologists in Europe.

For more information, as well as a list of the upcoming courses, please visit the website of Biotech Lifelong Learning Network:

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