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BAC 2015

The present and the future of Biotechnology meet in BAC 2015

The Congress of the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists - BAC, the largest annual event of Biotechnology in Spain has already become one of the conferences with the greatest impact in southern Europe. The next edition, BAC 2015, fostered by the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists (FEBiotec) and organized by the Biotechnology Association of Salamanca (ABSal), with the sponsorship of the Universidad de Salamanca, will take place in Salamanca on 8-10 July de 2015. BAC 2015 plenary lectures will count with the participation of Sir Tim Hunt, Physiology Nobel Prize Laureate (2001) for his discoveries in cell cycle; Luis Herrera Estrella, pioneer of genetic transformation in plants, and Tom Dodd, Policy Coordinator of Bioeconomy at the European Commission.

BAC 2015

BAC 2015 is a new development for this unique conference, gathering all sectors of Biotechnology for present and future professionals. The event is divided in two complementary modules:

  • sciBAC: Scientific Congress of FEBiotec will show the latest tendencies in Biotechnology as a whole. structured in seven thematic blocks:
    • Discovery of new Drugs and Biomarkers against Cancer
    • New Therapeutic and Diagnostic Strategies
    • Bioenergy and Bioremediation
    • Biotechnological Food and Biofactories
    • Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Nanotechnology
    • Bioprocesses and Biocatalysis
    • Systems Biology, Omics and Computational Biology
  • estuBAC: Congreso Universitario de FEBiotec. A general perspective of Biotechnology, from research to biobusiness, stressing the professional opportunities they offer. Two satellite events will also take place as a part of estuBAC: Bio-Mentoring, an especialized mentoring platform, and Biotech Meeting Point, a first approach to oral communications. .

All this, together with the training programme, makes the 9th Congress of the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists one of the essential events for those interested in the Spanish Biotechnology sector. For more information, please visit

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